Major Construction Project: Who’s Who

Typically, winter is the time many associations plan for a major construction project to begin in the spring.  These steps may include, among other things: hiring a construction manager; developing a clearly defined scope of repair; creating a realistic budget for the project; determining how the association will finance the project; obtaining contractor bids and hiring a qualified contractor; and conducting an information meeting with the homeowners.  For many associations, a major repair project will be individual members’ first encounter with a construction project.  The following are the key participants in a major repair project: 

Architect:  Responsible for design work, preparing the scope of work and plans, and bidding documents.

General Contractor:  Provides the materials, labor, and other resources to perform the repairs.

Construction Manager:  Acts as the owner’s agent and coordinates design and construction issues with the architect and general contractor.  Controls the scope of work, considers optimum use of funds throughout the project, offers assistance in avoiding delays, changes, disputes, and cost over-runs, communicates directly with owners, and documents compliance with project specifications.


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